Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Rainbow rabbit

Rainbow rabbit
Yesterday when we were outside drawing on the concrete rainbow rabbit came to Russell School. He has rainbows for ears and a big rainbow on his face. He looked happy to be at Russell School.
I wonder what he eats? Maybe orange and red and blue carrots.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Thank you Canadian High Commision

Miss Forster and Mr Tennant wrote to the High Commission and told them about our concert items. We got flags and stickers and temporary tattoos that our friends in room 11 helped us put on.
 Don't they look great!


On Thursday we had the school concert. 
Dominic's mum gave him a high five for doing really well on stage.
Dominic, Iele and Ali in their Maple leaf T shirts

 Iele said he liked everything!

 Riley got a high five as well.
Joella liked everything in the concert.
'You can count on me' was one of the songs we sang . Ali can rely on his friend Iele.

Tavana and Janita with Lolla from Room 4
Tavana, Janita and Alexia said they liked the marching.

Whaea Angela was proud of the great job we did with Room 11.
Paris, Nathan, Anton, Josney and Ebenezer

Where in the World is Rugger?

Our concert was called "Where in the world is Rugger?". This is a picture of the backdrop. It was at the back of the stage. Everyone in the school coloured in a face and they were stuck on the back drop to make the crowd at a Rugby World Cup match.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Safety first!

Danny And Nathan know it's important for builders to keep safe. When they were building a house they wore a hard hat. 
Ali wanted to help them but the boys made him put on his hard hat first.
Can you see Danny pointing to where Ali can find a hat?

"Is that a hard hat Ali? Nathan wonders

All kinds of things

We read a book called ' All kinds of things'.  It was about the things  children collect.

After we read the book, Tavana brought her shell collection to school. Tavana wants to paint some of the shells like the girl in the book who collected shells. Won't they look colourful.

"I've got my shells and Alexia is with me" said Tavana

Do you have a collection?

Monday, 22 August 2011

Maple Leaf T shirts

 For the concert we are going to wear T shirts with a Maple Leaf on it. We don't have to go to Canada to get them.
The clever people in room 11 are doing them for us.          
Look how they do it.

Molly and Justiz working hard
Can you see the Maple Leaf they have printed?
Didn't they do a great job!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Oh Canada !

We are getting ready for concert. Each class is  learning about a different country and doing an item about their country for our school concert. Our country is Canada.

We are doing our item with Room 11.

Miss Forster from Room 11 is teaching us a cool song about a moose.

Please come to our concert on August 25th and see us singing the moose song.

Pete the Cat

We love 'Pete the Cat'. Thanks Jan for telling us about it and Whaea Angela's brother in America for sending us the book.
We like listening to the author live. You can listen too.
Click on this link
                      Pete the C at live telling

What do you think?

Monday, 15 August 2011

Let it snow , let it snow, let it snow!

Danny came to school and saw the ice.
We  had a wintery weekend. this is what we did;

  • Alexia made a castle when it was snowing
  • Janita made a snowman
  • Ali made snow balls and threw them
  • Josney made a snowball and threw it like Ali
  • Loretta made a snowman then she made a snowball and threw it at the snowman
  • Dominic had a powercut when he was at Paul's house and he had to use candles
  • Immanuel made a snowbot
  • Nathan  made a truck out of snow
  • Joella made a snowman and she made a ball and she threw it at the snowman's head
  • Fano licked the snow - it tasted like snow
Iele saw a picture of ice on a lion, in the paper.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


We are learning how to read and make graphs.

What is your favourite colour?   
Here is a graph we made of ours.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dad I want to be a camel!

It was our turn to run the assembly today. We did it with our friends in Room 4.

We learnt a new song called "Dad I want to be a camel"

Do you like the masks we made? We were the anmals in the zoo!

Miss Forster was our secret teacher and decided that Room 9 was the best behaved.  

Fruit - yum yum!

We love trying new fruit! Here are some of the boys enjoying grapefuit. Not everyone liked it. They were juicy but not very sweet.

New Crayons

We have some new crayons. they are great for drawing but look what else you can do with them!