Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A milestone

Working together

It is great to see people working together like Zung Bawm and Immanuel did at discovery time to make this great building..


We have started sewing. 
We have begun by sewing around cardboard butterflies that have holes punched in them.
You can see in the photo what a great job Tina has done!

Duffy Hero assembly

Mr Mac came to Russell School for our Duffy heroes assembly. He came in this big blue truck. 
The truck was outside the hall. Here are some of room 3 with Mr Malo waiting to go into assembly.
Mr Mac told us about how he writes his books.
Dominic got up and danced!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

In the news

This fantastic photo was in the Dominion Post on Saturday. It shows some people from Russell School with the mayor of Porirua. Can you see Aliya? She is sitting next to the mayor (on his right).

Look at our tadpole now!

Exciting news!  Our surviving tadpole now has front legs. We will watch him carefully to see when
  •  his tail gets shorter
  • he starts climbing out of the water and sitting on the rock.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Clean teeth

Bron and Mark came to visit today.

Bron is our lovely Public Health Nurse and Mark is training to be a nurse.

Bron has taught us how to blow our noses and wash our hands and today she was talking about cleaning our teeth.

 Bron had a big set of teeth with her so we could see what we need to do.

 Ezra had a turn with the big toothbrush.

Thanks Bron!

Jump Jam

Whaea Lynda is back in the junior block this year. 

She is good at Jump Jam and she is teaching us to do it properly.

Go Whaea Lynda!


We do Jump Jam in the hall on the days we aren't skipping or running.
We try really hard and have fun!

Busy, busy

Zung Bawm has been busy on the whiteboard. 
He wrote the alphabet using two colours!
Great work Zung Bawm


It is room 1 and 2's turn to go swimming this week. 
The children who can't go swimming come to room 3.
Three of them have their arms in plaster!
Zung Bawm wondered what it would be like to have your arm in plaster so he made a plaster cast for his arm out of paper.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Fantastic homework

One of the choices for homework last week was to make a card for someone.
 It could be to say Hello or thank you or Happy Birthday. 
Here are two of the fantastic cards that were made.
Aliya's card is her favourite colour green.

Ezra made a card for his neighbours third birthday.

Butterfly number 11!

When Whaea Angela walked into class on Monday morning a butterfly flew past her! It had hatched in the weekend. It was our tenth butterfly.(number 11 was born later that day). 
The butterfly disappeared in our room. We looked and looked for it. Later we found it, up high on a flag.
We have one more chysallis to hatch.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Dental van

The Dental van has been at Russell school for the last two weeks.
When you go to the van, they count your teeth and you get a toothbrush and toothpaste to keep!

Thursday, 1 March 2012


We started swimming on Tuesday. We go with Room 6. 

We have great swimming instructors who are teaching us.

Thank you Matua Andrew for coming with us and helping us with our swimming too. 

We are excited to have another week of swimming.