Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Y E A H !!!!

We won Russell Dog again, for being the best behaved class at assembly - YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!

Beautiful baubles

Kids Can asked if a few children could each decorate a Christmas Bauble for a very special tree at Wellington Airport.
Whaea Lynda worked with some children from Rooms 1, 2 and 3.
Don't they look beautiful! Well done!!

Armistice Day

Every year one of the youngest children at school gets to help the oldest child lay a wreath for Armistice Day. This year it was Joe.

Can you see Joe? He is in the blue top, standing next to Xavier.

They did a great job of laying the wreath.


When Mrs Walker was in Room 3 and we copied puzzles and we made some fantastic tessellations.
Whaea Angela thought they were so good she made ANOTHER collage so you could see them!

Ma'a Nonu came to Russell School

A big thank you to Matua Rob for asking Ma'a Nonu to come to Russell School and a BIG, BIG thank you to Ma'a for coming to school and the yummy sausages that he brought.
We loved doing the haka with you Ma'a.
Ma'a gave Mokotupu his prize for returning his newsletter and he gave each class a football. Te Huaki who was 'Teacher of the Day" went up to get the ball for our class. We love playing with our new ball.
Thanks Ma'a we loved having you at Russell School.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Heroes day

We had a "Dress as your Hero " day.

 We were raising money to go to Te Papa and see the dinosaurs.

 Look at the amazing heroes we had in our class!

Golden Jandal

We were very proud to be the first Junior Class to Win the Golden Jandal. We won it for all our hard work during Tri -nations week.
p.s. a great big thank you to Whaea Rachel for teaching Whaea Angela how to make collages.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Neziah made his with tiles
There has been lots of great pattern making with Mrs Walker 


Mokotupu made his with blocks

Cordeius made his with paper and stencils

Monday, 3 November 2014

Duffy Theatre

 We are really lucky.

 Not only do we get Duffy Books, but we also have the Duffy Theatre come to our school.

 Look at Duffy's amazing cloak. 

Can you see what is on it?
 Matua Andrew and Zunndro enjoying the show.

 Thank You Duffy theatre we had fun. Please come again....SOON.

Matua Rob and the Umu

This is Matua Rob.

Matua Rob organised an umu fundraiser and had some fantastic helpers!

There was Matua Andrew.

 Matua Aaron,
 some mums and baby brothers,
some dads and grandads and.......

Everyone worked hard.


We put on gloves

and took the vegetables from the buckets 

and put them in the packs

Thanks to all those who worked so hard on the umu and have helped us with our fund raising for the Te Papa trip.

International Literacy Day

We love books.

We love spending time with our friends in Room 9.

To celebrate International Literacy Day we did both things at the same time !


 We had a great time.
 A big thank you to Miss Forster and the great kids in Room 9.

 We hope we can do it again ...... SOON!

Tokelau Language Week

Thanks Roni for all your hard work for Tokelauan Language Week.

Maryanne's brother Cornell and Malaga spoke

 Malo Ni!
We had a fantastic time in Tokelauan week. 

Look at the beautiful headgear that Maryanne is wearing.

 We got to make some out of paper

Some amazing mums helped us.
They had cut out all the flowers.

We choose the ones we liked and threaded them.

We could wear them on our heads or around our necks.

Don't they look great!

Thank you for all those who helped us.