Sunday, 23 September 2012


At the Grandparents day assembly Whaea Sose announced the winner of the parents competition for the Russell School H.E.A.R.T poster. 
Whaea  Sose said it was very hard to judge so they were awarding two runner up prizes.
Tavana in Room 1's dad won the competition
The winning poster

Congratulations - it's an amazing poster 

and congratulations too to Aliya in our classes mum, who was a runner up with her awesome poster!

Grandparents day

We had a great Grandparents day.
we started with an assembly in the hall to welcome families.

Some of the drummers from Windley School were there. They are great!



Then we went outside and did Jazzercise. It was fantastic.
We had a sausage sizzle and then the activities began. There was weaving and dancing to the Windley Drummers and knitting and lots, lots more. Whaea Angela and Whaea Bev led the gardening.
A big BIG thank you to everyone who made it such a special time.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Lions at School

On Friday three members of the Lions Rugby Team and their mascot Leo the Lion came to visit.

We lined up and sang some songs with the rest of the school to welcome the Lions.

We liked Leo the Lion. He danced while we sang.

The Lions showed us how they practice line outs.
look how high they lifted Ihaia!

We liked the Lions coming to school and hope they will come again.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Jump Rope

Next term we are doing 'Jump Rope for Heart' so we have been practicing in discovery time.

Look at Laolao watching Tiare.

Newman and Maraea. Newman looks surprised how high he has jumped.

Here are more high jumpers.
Wow, Reign can really jump high  too.

We can't wait for Jump Rope for Heart!!!

New Zealand Shake out

We are learning about earthquakes because new fences have gone up at Russell School, at the ends of the buildings, where there are bricks.
This is to keep us safe if there was a big earthquake.
In a big earthquake the bricks could fall and hurt people.
The fences are there till they can take the bricks away and replace them with something safer.$file/slider_shakeout.pngWe are also going to take part in the New Zealand Shake out so we will know what to do if there is a big earthquake.
We hope you will practice too, so you are safe.



If you were near the Russell School hall this afternoon you would have heard some great drumming coming from the Breakfast Club room ..... and it was us!

Yippee its our turn to work with Whaea Rachel.
first she came to our room and we practiced clapping patterns.

Today we got to use the drums like the big kids.

It was fantastic. 

Here is a photo of Whaea Rachel helping Enele and Jayden. 


 Reign and Newman.


Jinnaea looks like he had fun! 

Laolao listened carefully to what Whaea Rachel was saying.
Juelz and Tina worked well together.

We get to work with Whaea Rachel again tomorrow.

We have H.E.A.R.T in Room 3

Look at the great Teamwork in Room 3. Jayden, P.J. Alatina, Zung Bawm and Caleb all worked together to finish this big puzzle.

Visit to Porirua Public Library

On Tuesday we walked to the bus stop and caught the bus.
Whaea Bev, Whaea Liz, Amelia's dad and Aliya's dad came with us.

We wore bright yellow vests so that we were easy for people to see.

The bus went down to the station. But we stayed on the bus and got off by the skateboard park. 

We had morning tea and played on the grass and in the trees.


 Look at Nino up the tree!                      

 Then we went to see Bee in the Porirua Public Library.

Bee knew about H.E.A.R.T at Russell School.

She read us some stories and then we made puppet friends. 

 P.J., Enele and Zung Bawm busy making their puppets

Nino's Dad and P.J.'s Dad were at the library.

 It was great to have so many dads on the trip.


We all made special puppets.


This is Whaea Liz - she took lots of the great photos we have of the trip.

Here are some of our puppets.

Nino's puppet has a spiderman face.

A.R.J.'s puppet has a pink face. 

Amelia made a puppet angel.

Look at Tina's lovely puppet .


 Masoma and Maraea with their puppets.

Thanks Bee we loved coming to the library and making the puppets.

After the library we went back to the skateboard park to have lunch.

We played 'Duck, Duck, Goose'. 

It was a great trip. Thank you everyone who helped make it possible.

Thursday, 6 September 2012


I hope the cricket selectors know about the awesome cricketers at Russell School.



Jinnaea and Newman

We had lots of fun at Cricket coaching.

Amelia, Zung Bawm and Newman

We hope we can do it again!