Monday, 18 June 2012

Harold and Jane come to visit

Jane and Harold in the Life Education Caravan came to visit.

                                  We learned that we are V.I.P's - very important people.

Jane told us about our hearts.
Can you see us making hearts with our hands?

We also met Tam - Tina is showing us where Tam's heart is.

 Ezra helped Harold with his packing for a sleep over.

 Thank you Harold and Jane for visiting. We had fun and learnt new things.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Clean, Clean teeth

Our friend Bron, the Public Health Nurse came to talk about cleaning our teeth.

We got new toothbrushes and some toothpaste
 We cleaned our teeth in the class!

Best seat in the house

" Me and my friend, Jinnaea and my teacher" said Masoma.

Dance, Dance, Dance

When we went to room 4, Mr Malo taught the boys how to dance and his wife taught the girls.

We loved doing the dancing at the closing ceremony.

"We are dancing " said Amelia. "I can see my mum."


 For Samoan Language Week we were the island Apolima.
Here we are getting ready for marching.
We were really, really lucky because our special friends from Room 9 helped us learn to march and marched with us.

Thanks Room 9.
You rock!!
We loved working with you.

During Samoan Language Week Mr Malo was the teacher in Room 4.

He had lots of special things in his room.

He had mats on the floor and lovely patterned material on the walls.
He had hats.
 He had a model of a boat. 
Mr Malo said we would need a boat like that to get from Apolima ( we were Apolima for Samoan Language Week) to the island Mr Malo used to live on in Samoa.

We had fun in Room 4.
Thank you Mr Malo.