Monday, 26 September 2011

Cannons creek Library

Last Thursday we went to visit Gina and Dony at the Cannons Creek Library.
Here is a short slide show of our visit. 
We walked to the library and came back on the bus!.

A big thank you to Whaea Lehi and Fano's Mum and Riley's Mum and Ruana and Eniyah who came with us.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Washing hands

Bron puts glitter on Fano and Riley's hands
Bron came to our classroom yesterday. Bron is our Public Health Nurse. She was teaching us about washing our hands.

First she wet Fano and Riley's hands. Then she put glitter on them. Then they had to shake hands with everyone and touch the tables and chairs.

We could see that the glitter had gone onto other peoples hands and the furniture.
Bron said the germs are like the glitter and we can pass them around.

She showed us how to wash our hands to get rid of the germs.

Thanks Bron.


Whaea Rachel and Iele playing the Pate
Iele, Alexia, Danny and Loretta are excited because they were the first people in Room 3 to get the chance to earn their Drumming License.

Loretta and Danny

The rest of us can't wait to have our turn.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Open morning

On Tuesdays at 11 o'clock we have an open morning for children who will start school soon.
Today Ezra and his mum came.
Here is the amazing marble roll they built with Dominic.
Look at all the twists and turns the marbles have to go through before they get to the bottom.
Aliya and her dad came too. They were building with the blocks with Iele, Josney and Nathan and then they played 'Candyland'.
We can't wait to see Aliya and Ezra again.

The tall tower

Joella and Tehina
Tehina started school on Monday. Here is a picture of her and her cousin, Joella, and the tall, tall tower they built. It was nearly up to their chins!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

More patterns

When we were reading "Fun with patterns" we saw you could weave a pattern.

Whaea Bev and Alexia talk about Alexia's weaving
We were lucky because Whaea Bev came on Friday and we wove some patterns with her help.

Thanks Whaea Bev the patterns look great!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Fantastic !

Dear Visitors

We are excited that we have had so many visitors to our blog! We hope you enjoy seeing our photos and reading about what we are doing.

love from your friends in Room 3

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Japanese Kites

Look at the lovely coloured paper Loretta is using that Jan brought

Jan came to visit and taught us how to make Japanese Koi kites.

Here are some Japanese kites
Look at ours - aren't they colourful? We like watching them move in the wind.
Thanks Jan. We hope you come again soon.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Zany Zebras

Have you ever seen Zebras with such cool patterns?
We made them ourselves!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Japanese helmets and books

Our wonderful friends from Room 11 came the other day. They read the  Japanese books they had made and they showed us how to make Samurai Helmets.
Miss Forster, Iele, Reihana and a great helmet
Alexia and Tavana from Room 3 work with Cedar and Molly from Room 11
Paris reading one of the great books Room 11 made to Loretta
We love working with room 11.

Patterns we made

Muhaimen, Joella, Tavana and Danny with their stripes
We have been making stripey patterns - here are some of them!

North City Plaza

You can go to North City Plaza and see our display as Russell School is a part of ‘Team Japan’ during the Rugby World Cup. Can you see the fish we made?

Miss Forster and Whaea Helaina putting up the display

Patterns everywhere!

Look at the stripes on our clothes

Look at the patterns in their road.

We are learning about PaTtErNs.

When we started looking for pAtTeRnS - we found them on our clothes and in the roads we were building.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Where did those numbers go ?

It was a lovely afternoon yesterday and we were outside painting with the water. Some people were painting in the numbers on the hopscotch but as fast as we could paint them the numbers disappeared? Where did they go?


As part of our study of Japan we have been trying to eat with chopsticks! Whaea Angela got some chopsticks and some marshmallows.
We thought the marshmallows felt soft like a puppy or slippers or a pillow.

The chopsticks were a bit tricky, but we all managed to get the marshmallow in our mouth! Look at all these great pictures of us using chopsticks.

Wow another award!!

Not only did we get the certificate for our performance at our school concert -

we also won the Russell Rocks award for the best behaved class at assembly. We get to keep Russell the dog in our room for two weeks! Yeah! We rock.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Congratulations Room 3

Congratulations Room 3 on a well deserved certificate for your performance at concert.


Now that concert is over, all of Russell School are learning about Japan. 
We are learning about Japan because Russell School is Japan in the Rugby Nations Tournament. The Rugby Nations Tournament is the local schools Rugby World Cup.