Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The last Wednesday of term, we had fun, when the Maths Roadshow came to Russell School.
A very big thank you to the family and members of the Russell School Community who came and helped. We couldn't have done it without you 
Thank you, thank you.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Our friend Vincent

Vincent left our school when his family moved. We miss you Vincent and hope you are having a great time at your new school.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

AFL future stars

Jay and Corey came to teach us about AFL.

It was a cold damp morning and it was easy to slip up.

We learnt to 'keep the laces away from faces'.

We  are learning to ' point your toe the way you want it to go'.

 We can't wait for AFL next term.

Safe Cyclists

Look at Cordeius' fantastic homework.
You can see he knows how to keep safe when he is biking. Look at all the protection he is wearing.
Izzy knows how to keep safe too. This is her homework.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Wonderful wheels day

We had a wonderful wheels day to raise money for trips.
Look at Cordeius' cousin Nino doing a jump on his scooter.
Anareia on her bike

Taniela on his scooter

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Watch out Lions

First we were 'Going on a bear hunt' now we are 'Going on a lion hunt". It's Great.

Brown bear, brown bear

We love finding authors reading their books.
Here's a new favourite.

We got some temporary tattoos of the Diversity Fern from the Human Rights Commission.
Each of the six fronds of the Diversity Fern symbolises a different culture.
They are

  1. The traditional kowhaiwhai pattern from a painted panel of the Manutuke church (1849).
  2. Samoan pattern from a tapa cloth.
  3. An abstracted form of a pattern present in many African and Asian motifs.
  4. A European Fleur de Lys design, from a hinge of a door of Auckland’s St Patrick’s Cathedral.
  5. A middle Eastern motif
  6. Baby fronds suggesting new growth.
Here are some of the boys sporting their tattoos.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Building Buddies

A.R.J. and Rangihana are buddies.
A.R.J on the seat.

They like to build .
Today they built a seat with the blocks.
It was so strong they could sit on it!
Rangihana on the seat they built.
       Great Job Guys!                                  

Thank you Norm

We had a Duffy Assembly today with a special guest - Mr Norm Hewitt.
 Norm is a former Hurricanes player and All Black.

Norm talked about how he decided at 7 that he wanted to be an All Black.
He talked about how he had wanted to be a cowboy and then he saw the All Blacks on his TV.
He talked about the importance of having dreams. Then he handed out the Duffy books.
Ciahle and Rangihana went up to get our books.
The box was full of books so it was heavy! We got two books each to take home and keep.
Thank you Norm for coming to Russell School. We hope you will come again.

sad sight

It was a sad sight this morning. Our lovely vegetable garden had been trampled on and ripped up.
 The garden club had worked so hard but we know we can plant it again and  make it bigger and better.
Can you help us?

Saturday, 6 April 2013

New weather graph

Every morning the 'Teacher of the day' goes outside to see what the weather is like. When they come inside they fill in our weather graph on the interactive whiteboard.
We have had a long hot summer and we have filled in all the spaces for sunny days so we will have to start a new graph.
We have had no ice, no snow and no rainbows but winter is coming. Perhaps we will have some snow to put on our new graph.

Thank you Kids Can Stand Tall

Kids Can Stand Tall Charitable Trust came to our school on Monday and we all got a fantastic new Warriors jacket! They will keep us really warm and dry. We didn't want to take them off. You can see some of us wearing our jackets out in the sun planting the plants in our last post.
Whaea Angela took a photo of a jacket and we drew a picture of us in our jackets to send to Kids can Stand Tall to say thank you very much, we LOVE our jackets.

Before and after

This is what the garden at the bottom of the stairs to the top field used to look like.
Then Whaea Liz came and she brought some potting mix and some plants. Whaea Angela gave us some of the swan plants that we had, had in the classroom for the caterpillars.
We helped Whaea Liz plant the flowers. We think it looks much better and hope the butterflies will like it too.

The New Cat

When Whaea Angela was away, we read 'The New Cat' by Joy Cowley. with Mr Malo. It was FUN!  


When we read "Oh! You Greedy Cat!" Mr Malo pretended that he was Geedy cat. He licked his paw and then he ran away.
We want Mr Malo to come back soon so we can read it again. Please come back Mr Malo.
Mr Malo

Thursday, 4 April 2013


We are learning about timelines. Look at this awesome timeline that Izzy did at home.