Friday, 24 August 2012

Positive Behaviour for Learning - PB4L

This term we are learning about the H.E.A.R.T. values we have at Russell School.
H is for Honesty
Whaea Catriona made this great HEART for the disco
E is for Empathy
A is for Aroha
R is for Respect
T is for Teamwork

At Russell School we show HEART- when we

 -  tell the truth

 - think about other people's feelings             Empathy

 - cherish all people                                      Aroha

 - look after people, places & things               Respect

 -work together                                              Team work
Two weeks ago we had an awesome assembly and disco to celebrate the launch of our whole school HEART values.
At the assembly we worked with our fantastic friends from Room 9 to show people what we mean by Team Work .
We sang 'Count on Me' by Bruno Mars and worked together to rearrange a pile of boxes to spell TEAMWORK.
We had a few problems with the recording of the song but we kept singing!
Room 3 and Room 9 singing together
Can you see the boxes spelling Teamwork?
After school there was a fantastic disco. Thanks Whaea Pam and the marvellous mums and Richard, who ran it with the teachers.
We loved the disco and we can't wait for the next one.
Amelia's mum did face painting for the disco

Congratulations Rangi

Rangi on our trip to Paekakariki

At last weeks assembly Rangi (Nino's Dad) was awarded a Duffy Parent award.
This special award is given to parents who have been noticed around the school as great role models to their children, coming and using the library regularly after school on Wednesdays, helping on trips and participating at our special school events. 
Well done Rangi you rock! 
We hope you will keep coming on trips with us.

Thursday, 23 August 2012


We are still collecting old cell phones to try and get some more technology like our amazing interactive whiteboard that we got last week.
We love IT. 
Thank you to those who have already brought their old phones.

We are also collecting the stickers on Meadow Fresh milk and yoghurt to try and win some of the $500,000 dollars of awesome art and sports gear in their competition.


ReAnne - a fantastic helper , Jayden Rm3 and Paul.
We are really lucky because Paul is coming on a Friday and 10 people from the junior school could go with him to learn how to ride.
When they chose the 10 people Jayden, Masoma, Aliya, Reign, Zung Bawm and Amelia from Room 3 all got selected! Wow!

Paul can also help if your bike is broken. 

In this picture Paul and Aliya are looking at her bike.

 We wear helmets to keep safe.

Can you see Zung Bawm in his helmet?

A big thank you to Whaea Rachel, ReAnne  and Ruana  for being such great helpers.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Tawa Montessori Preschool

We have new friends.
Some people from Tawa Montessori Preschool came to school today to bring the money they had raised for Breakfast Club.
We got to have Discovery Time with them.
We hope they will come and spend time with us again.

Keeping Ourselves Safe

Constable Amanda came to Room three as past of Keeping Ourselves Safe.
We talked about who we could trust if we were lost and how we would know who was a Police Officer.
She told us about her uniform.
She didn't have her hat.

Constable Amanda thought this was her hat!

We helped her find her real hat, that goes with her uniform.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Round and round

We are very lucky because Whaea Bev comes to Room 3 on Monday and Thursday.
One day last term, when we were learning about energy, Whaea Bev brought everyone their own windmill.

When thewind blows or you blow on the windmill it spins around and around.
Nino took his windmill outside to see it spin in the wind.
Alatina has a red windmill
Jinnaea is blowing hard Look at his cheeks.

Monday, 13 August 2012


This was our wall on Thursday morning.

Do you know why there is a big space there?........

Look what is there now!   We got an interactive whiteboard!
A big thank you to all who helped get it for us- including Whaea Laura.
We love it.

Mini Olympics

Miss Forster organised a great mini Olympics on Friday.
Can you see the Olympic torch?

Look at Jinnaea waiting his turn. 
He is excited!

Look at Jayden Alatina and Enele - they are all tied together ready to race.