Tuesday, 26 February 2013

fun at the park

After we had been to the National Library we went with Room 2, up to the park.
There was a see saw. 

 There was a slide and swings and ropes to climb.
It was a great park and we had lots of fun. Thanks Whaea Liz for suggesting we go there. 

Sunday, 24 February 2013

In the swim

Vincent and his big Buddy Jacob
Wow! Loretta's grandad is carrying 3 bags
We are so lucky because we have room 6 as our buddies when we walk to swimming and at the pool. thanks Room 6 we love having you as our buddies.
A big thank you to all the parents and family who have helped us. We couldn't do it without you. Hope you can come this week too.

Mighty Masks

We made amazing masks at The National Library.

This is A.R.J. holding his mask.


 This is A.R.J. wearing his mask.

Can this really be Anareia and Oceana?


Wow! Who can it be behind the masks?
Is it really Ciahle? 

That's Cordeius and his two friends in their masks.
This must be Juelz in her mask.

Taniela looks great in his mask too. Thank you National Library we loved the masks and wore them home. 

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Meet the teacher

We had meet the teacher on Wednesday.
There were free sausages and drinks! Thank you Margaret and Bernice for the lovely sausages.
Vincent's family
We sang some songs for the parents. The teachers talked to our families about homework, reading, lunches, hats and swimming. 

National Library

A big thank you to the wonderful staff at The National Library.

We really enjoyed our visit and making the masks. 

We hope we can visit again.

Garden Club



Oceana and Ruana
Garden Club started on Friday. Wendy, Tim and Susan worked hard with the garden club members. We are growing food so we can cook with it during Book Week. The theme for Book Week this year is a "Book Banquet".
We are also developing our butterfly garden and planting lots of flowers to bring the butterflies to our garden. 
More keen gardeners
We helped plant flowers in the planter box outside Room 2. 


Whaea Bev came on Monday. She bought us more swan plants for our caterpillars and she brought us a beautiful butterfly that had just hatched.

Vincent carried the bucket with the butterfly on the swan plant over to the flagpole garden and we let her go. We thought she would like the flowers in the flagpole garden. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Our trip to the National Library

Taniela and his Uncle Toni
Whaea Kirsty and Enele
A.R.J. and his big brother
Laura and Rangihana
Cordeius and his Mum
We went on a fantastic trip to the National Library. We went with our friends in Room 2.
We were lucky because Whaea Bev, Whaea Liz and Whaea Kirsty came with us. 
We also had a lot of  people who are special to the people in Room 3, who came with us too.
Thank you to everyone who helped make it such a cool trip. We can't wait for our next trip and hope you can come too.
Vincent and his Dad

Healthy hearts

This is Bron.
Bron is our special public health nurse. 
She came to our class to show us how to wash our hands properly to help get rid of any germs.
Bron also told us why she checks our throats if we have a sore throat
because some of the germs that give you a sore throat can also hurt our hearts.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Ice, ice , ice

We are learning about water and how you can turn it into ice or steam and back again.
Whaea Angela got some ice cube bags and we put water in the bags.
Then we put the bags in the freezer.
We left the bags in the freezer.
When we got the bags out there was ice! We held it - it was cold. We put it outside in the sun. 
It disappeared. Juelz said it evaporated .
Some of us tried to stamp on the ice and break it. It was very strong and hard to break.
We also ate the ice! It was lovely on a hot day.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Ole Soccer

We had Ole Soccer on Friday with Room 2.

We were put into teams to play soccer. Some teams wore orange vests.
Some teams wore yellow vests.


We had fun playing soccer.
Thank you Ole Soccer and Room 2.