Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Pataka trip

On Monday we had play lunch early.
Then we got on the bus to go to Pataka Museum and a quick visit to the library.

The bus had seat belts. Can you see Tina wearing a seatbelt?

 In the library Bee read us a book about a tadpole and a caterpillar that fell in love. Then we had a look around the childrens part of the library.
We liked looking at the birds.

Next we went to Pataka Museum to find out how Porirua has changed over time.
We sat on a BIG map
Margaret and Linda told us how Porirua has changed. They told us that the bulldozer had made a lot of changes to Porirua.

We had a great time.
Thank you to Whaea Kirsty and Whaea Bev and the mums and dads who came with us.
Thank you Bee and Linda and Margaret.
Thank you Porirua library and Pataka.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Our 5th butterfly

Today our fifth butterfly hatched. 

It was a boy.
He quickly made friends! We let him go in the garden by the flagpole.

Tuakana Teina

Ben and Alatina

Each week we have a Tuakana Teina  afternoon when the big kids and the little kids work together.
Julian and Brandon

This week we were learning about the Chinese New Year. 
This year is the year of the dragon.

Look at the dragons that were in Room 3!

Blowing our noses

 This is Bron.
She is our fantastic Public Health Nurse.
Yesterday she came to Room 3 to teach us about blowing our noses.
She gave us all a little square with a clown face on it. 
We had to put it on our hand and blow it off with our noses so we could practice.
Can you see the square of paper on Phoenix's hand?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Master chefs

Here are Room 3's master chefs, Phoenix and Alatina, cooking up a storm.
Maybe they'll be on Master Chef New Zealand when they are older.

Perceptual motor Programme (PMP)

Look at Immanuel jump!
Go Tina!
We start each morning with PMP. There are lots of fun things to do at PMP.
We really like the moon hoppers. We also like our new jump sacks.
 Great jumping Alatina
These are photos of some of the Room 3 people using the jump sacks.
You should see us jump and jump and jump.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Giant butterflies

Look at these giant butterflies that were flying around room3.
We have been talking about things with wings.
They have great wings.
We know this is a boy butterfly. We can see the dots. We think he looks like Dominic!

Monday, 13 February 2012

We sparkle, we shine!

We have been working with Whaea Kirsty to make special names. 

Look at the colours that Immanuel chose for his name. 
Doesn't it look great!

Phoenix and Whaea Kirsty pick the colours they like best

We put the glitter in tote trays to try to stop it getting everywhere.
Some got on the carpet. The carpet looked very pretty!
Whaea Kirsty and Ezra working on his name

Butterflies, Butterflies

Aliya watching our butterfly
We have had two butterflies hatch this week.The first one was in the weekend and it was a girl. The second one today was a boy!
This is how we know it was a boy..........

This is our second butterfly

We let him go in the garden by the office. Immanuel thinks that we should let the next one go in the garden by the flag pole.There  are lots of pretty flowers in that garden. We think that is a good idea. Good thinking Immanuel!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Tadpole update

Exciting news!
One of our tadpoles now has it's back legs.
We have a rock in the tank now ready for when it is a frog and can sit on it.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Happy Birthday Whaea Kirsty

Monday was Whaea Kirsty's birthday.
Today we had chocolate mud cake and sang Happy Birthday.
On top of the cake there was chocolate and candles and sweet peas from our garden.

Happy Birthday Whaea Kirsty.

New additions to our class

On Monday Whaea Pam gave Whaea Angela a bag. In the bag were two tadpoles.
 We can already see the back legs - we hope they will be frogs soon. 
Thanks Whaea Pam. :)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thank you

We are very lucky to now have caterpillars and chrysallis in our classs. 
A big thank you to 
  • Whaea Angela's Mum and Dad
  • Whaea Bev
  • Whaea Kirsty
who have given us the swan plants, caterpillars and chrysallis. We can't wait to see our first butterfly.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The box !

We got a box in Room 3.
It was big!

Whaea Angela said it was something to play with. We thought it might be a 
  • play gym
  • guitar
  • trampoline
Whaea Kirsty said it was something to use with water. Amelia said she thought it was a water trough.

Dominic saw a hole in the box. He thought we could look in the hole and see what it was.

We opened the box. Amelia was right it was a water trough!

We put it together.

And then..............

We played with it. It was great fun. thanks Whaea Sose.

New children in Room 3.

Room 3 was sad to say goodbye to the people who moved to Room 1 at the end of the year.
But today we got some NEW people! YEAH!
Here they are and they are already busy ! They are colouring caterpillars, writing and playing.