Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ava ceremony

Samoan Language week started with an Ava ceremony.


We sat with our Room 9 buddies who we will march with on Friday.  

Amelia sat with Colleen.
  Here are Nino and his big sister Connie.
 Alatina and Corey
 Zung Bung and Ihaia.
 Jinnaea and Willow.
 Ezra and Shanita.


When we were in Paekakriki we posted letters to ourselves at school.

Hurray! They have arrived. We love getting mail.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Playing in the park at Paekakariki

We had fun at Campbell park in Paekakariki.

Look at Jinnaea on the BIG LONG slide.

 Who is this peeking out?

Hold on Alatina you are up high!

Masoma had fun on the swings.

 Ezra had to walk carefully. He was up high and it kept moving.

Don't let go Nino!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Terrific Trip

We went in cars. Can you see Masoma in Whaea Helaina's car?

We went to Porirua Station. 

We went on the train. Can you see Nino with his tickets?

We went through 5 tunnels.

We went to Paekakariki.

It was great fun!  And that was just the start!.......

Coughs and colds

It's that time of the year when we get coughs and colds, but luckily the lovely Bron, our fantastic Public Health Nurse came to show us how to cough without spreading germs and how to blow our noses.
Can you see us coughing into the crook of our arms?
If we cough onto our hands, our hands can spread the germs.

Thanks again Bron.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Greedy Cat

After we had read Greedy Cat we tried acting out the story.

We took turns being the Mum doing the shopping and being Greedy Cat taking the shopping out of her bag.

Amelia is the mum too busy to notice Aliya the Greedy Cat!
  Careful Mum Jinnaea the Greedy Cat has the bananas.

That Greedy Cat Ezra has got the things out of your basket.

 Now Amelia is the Greedy Cat and Alatina is the Dad out shopping.

Oh no Dad, Dominic the Greedy Cat has the sausages and is going to eat them all!
Now Masoma the Greedy Cat is eating the sticky buns!

And Kalepo the Greedy Cat is taking things out of the basket.

Look out Dad that Greedy cat Tina is taking your shopping.

What will happen now? Alatina the Greeedy Cat has taken the pepper from Phoenix's shopping bag.


Welcome to Kalepo

We are excited to welcome Kalepo to our class. 

Kalepo is really good at building marble runs.

Kalepo is Tina's cousin.

Noho Marae

Whaea Lynda
Here are some photos of our Russell School  Noho Marae that Nino and his family attended.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Run for Fun

We had a great 'Run for fun' on Friday.         
We ran on the top field.
We got to do lots and lots of running.

We dressed up.
Look at Masoma and Whaea Sose.
Aliya was Tinkerbell. 
Dominic was Batman.
Ezra was Spiderman.

Mr Malo and the Room 3 runners.

They gave out spot prizes.

Ezra and his mum were winners in the mini me section.

"They went faster than me" said Jinnaea

Wow! Dominic won a prize too.

They gave our class the participation award for doing such great running.

Thanks Mr Malo for looking after us and a big thank you to Miss Forster for organising it. We had lots of fun.

Thursday, 3 May 2012


We are excited because Reign and her mum and dad came to visit on Wednesday.
Reign turns five in June and will be in our class.
Aliya, Amelia, Tina and Masoma are happy there will be another girl in Room 3.
See you soon Reign.

Super work

Not only did Zung Bawm do a great picture of a sheep, he wrote about it as well!
Good job Zung Bawm.

Hairy Bear

Our poem of the week, last week, was 'Hairy Bear'.
Look at the great job Phoenix did of colouring in his Hairy Bear.