Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Pataka trip

On Monday we had play lunch early.
Then we got on the bus to go to Pataka Museum and a quick visit to the library.

The bus had seat belts. Can you see Tina wearing a seatbelt?

 In the library Bee read us a book about a tadpole and a caterpillar that fell in love. Then we had a look around the childrens part of the library.
We liked looking at the birds.

Next we went to Pataka Museum to find out how Porirua has changed over time.
We sat on a BIG map
Margaret and Linda told us how Porirua has changed. They told us that the bulldozer had made a lot of changes to Porirua.

We had a great time.
Thank you to Whaea Kirsty and Whaea Bev and the mums and dads who came with us.
Thank you Bee and Linda and Margaret.
Thank you Porirua library and Pataka.

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