Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Greedy Cat

After we had read Greedy Cat we tried acting out the story.

We took turns being the Mum doing the shopping and being Greedy Cat taking the shopping out of her bag.

Amelia is the mum too busy to notice Aliya the Greedy Cat!
  Careful Mum Jinnaea the Greedy Cat has the bananas.

That Greedy Cat Ezra has got the things out of your basket.

 Now Amelia is the Greedy Cat and Alatina is the Dad out shopping.

Oh no Dad, Dominic the Greedy Cat has the sausages and is going to eat them all!
Now Masoma the Greedy Cat is eating the sticky buns!

And Kalepo the Greedy Cat is taking things out of the basket.

Look out Dad that Greedy cat Tina is taking your shopping.

What will happen now? Alatina the Greeedy Cat has taken the pepper from Phoenix's shopping bag.


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