Sunday, 11 November 2012

Armistice Day

On Friday we had the Russell School Armistice Day celebrations.

Before the celebrations started Whaea Jen read us Grandad's Medals. 
It is a great book and we talked about soldiers and their medals.

Members of the Porirua R.S.A. came to our school for the celebrations.

Caleb saw that two of the men had medals, like in the book. 
He asked Whaea Angela if he could shake their hands.

Whaea Angela took us up to the men. 

Caleb shaking hands
They were wonderful. They shook our hands AND we got to hold their medals. 

It made Armistice Day very special for us. 

Thank you to our new friends, the Members of the Porirua R.S.A.
Tina holding medals

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